Benefits of the OpenDoPE approach

OpenDoPE offers a number of compelling benefits.

Benefits to template authors

use all features of Word in your documents without restriction

output documents are full fidelity

reduced training (author in familiar Microsoft Word environment)

no need to convert source documents

no vendor lock-in (beyond commitment to docx format)

document assembly data is all contained in the docx; no additional files are required

Benefits to document producers

As above, plus:

option of Word- or web browser interface

change to data or Word document automatically updates the other (the data binding means Word does this automatically)

PDF and HTML formats from the full fidelity Word document

Benefits to developers / IT department

reference software available for processing template documents

utilize your skills to customise beyond limitations of published APIs

file format is ISO standard Open XML (docx); already used in your organization

zero migration/conversion costs

minimise vendor lock-in

no need to develop/maintain authoring enviroment (this is available as a thin layer on top of Microsoft Word)

flexible deployment options

utilize existing tools for manipulating docx


best suited for organizations whose authors use Word (as opposed to OpenOffice, Google Docs etc)

docx format is Word 2003 or later

you can't use Word 2003 or Word for Mac for authoring (though there are potentially other ways to author on the Mac)